Finance Associate — Customer Accounting

Metro Manila, Metro Manila
Work Type: Full Time

About PDAX

At PDAX, we believe that the future of money is digital, and our mission is to empower all Filipinos to grow their wealth through blockchain technology.

As one of the first crypto firms in the Philippine market, we feel a sense of duty to our users and to the ecosystem to set the standard for safety, ease of access, and reliability. We expect our team to share in this responsibility and cherish our vision of a more open and equitable financial system. 

We are looking for new team members that are passionate about cryptocurrency, want to work in a disruptive, fast-growing industry, and thrive in a start-up environment.  

If this sounds like you, then we’d love to talk! 

General Responsibilities

The PDAX Finance Team, as cliché as it sounds, are the arteries of PDAX. We manage cash flows, liaise with investors, build budget and project models, find ways to extend runway, and inflect our burn rate curve. Led by the Chief Financial Officer, we work closely with the Chief Executive Officer in order to build an efficient accurate accounting system, establish control frameworks, and control company spending. And of course, being part of a fintech company, the Finance team is at the crux of providing a financial perspective in building the blockchain platform, conceptualizing investment products, and guiding our over-all strategy.

As a Finance Associate, you are expected to have quantitative critical thinking and learning agility. What we are looking for is someone who is not only knowledgeable about Finance, but who is prepared to challenge the norms to create disruptive efficiencies. We love learning here, and are prepared to work on new tasks to learn outrageously. It is great to be a thinker, but we need builders here – people who are able to execute fast, build out a process, and create structural procedures within a start-up.

  • Create and expedite accounting and finance policies, control frameworks.
  • Rigorously collaborate with cross-functional team members and business stakeholders to better manage company financials while expediting the financial reporting function.
  • Financial modeling of company revenue projections, cash budget, and variance analyses.
  • Creating monthly management reports and accompanying decks, schedules, and reports.
  • Data analytics and dashboard work.
  • Build and manage the company’s accounting infrastructure, building Pro-forma entries as the company scales into new transaction types.


  • BS in Business, Accounting, or Economics – we’re open to anyone, but it helps if you know the basics.
  • Preference for one to three years of relevant accounting or finance work experience with a thorough understanding of GAAP and local statutory accounting principles.
  • Experience with cross-functional teams – 1+1+1=5. Yup, we want to collaborate exponentially!
  • Learner and Contributor – you don’t need to know everything, but you got to love learning and at the same beat be excited to share insights you have learned with us. Let’s learn together!
  • Strong sense of initiative – you always look to solve the issues around you and hate inactivity.

Our Culture

  1. We do the right thing. In all dealings, we act with integrity, diligence, and in good faith.
  2. We think about the customer.  We solve problems for our users.
  3. We love crypto. We are passionate about cryptocurrency, financial markets, and how technology is changing lives.
  4. We strive for excellence.  We love challenges; we raise the bar in everything: our products, services, processes, and people.
  5. We focus on the mission. We take ownership. We are proactive and we work hard to deliver high-impact results at a rapid pace. 
  6. We exercise leadership. In any role we play, we strive to be effective leaders.
  7. We believe in continuous learning and growth. We pursue growth, learning and development, and are eager to give and receive feedback.

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This position is for a temporary work from home setup as we prepare to provide a safe environment for our employees who will be working in the office. Our plan is to move towards a hybrid work model depending on the business needs.